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Okay, I win. I tortured me until I was raw and spat on my face. I did everything I complained about and now, perhaps if I get over this crippling, debilitating laziness, I can get something done. :D

Back to work!

I'm making a list for myself in a place where I won't lose it!!

2010-06-24 13:14:43 by moonsteam

To Myself:
Hi, how are you? Give my regards to the wife and kids.
Anyway, get this shit!
- More sharpies! They are like, swimming in my dreams. GET THEM.
- Ebony pencil? I tend to draw too light for my seeing impaired scanner... OR! set up appointment for scanner with the optometrist.
- Wtf get a graphics tablet for Christ's sake!
- What are you doing????? Get off the computer and start making money! Get a job, do commissions! Stop being a lazy fuck!

- Love, Me! </3